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A safer, clean technology for our children to inherit a world which supports a clean environment, water, air, recycling, a healthy productive regenerative forest, with wildlife conservation.  A clean and green world for our children and animals to not just survive, but thrive. To develop alternative fuels, renewable energy, support research for a better tomorrow, nation and world.

To become a Supporter; you may call directly to 888-952-9590 or simply by clicking on the Supporter link below and submit it online, or fax to ZeroKar at 503-990-8978.   


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5387 Reed Lane S. E.


Salem, Or. 97306








I, Michael Hargett, President/Inventor of www.ZeroKar.com, propose to offer an Advertising and Promotion Slot for Advertising and Promotion of the Named Business to be given a slot on the Retail Supporters/Coupon Discount page on the ZeroKar.com web site. A minimum per month of $25.00 with Auto Payment Set Up.

The month of December is always FREE as Our Thank You as a SUPPORTER.


Web Address: www.zerokar.com


1. The Slot will include: 


A. Business Name


B. Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email Address


C. The Ad Slot will include the discount amount or the gratuity offered


D. Days of the week the offer is valid


E. Offer includes Dollars Off, Buy 1 and Get 1 Free, 10% Off, or Other Type Offer or percentage.

Auto Payment Set Up Address;

ZeroKar LP

5387 Reed Lane S. E.

Salem, Oregon 97306


 Advertising Example and Terms;


Example: $2 Off Tuesday’s, 2 For Tuesday (Two for the price of one), or the Business Choice of Type preferred in Advertisement and Discount.


2. Terms: The Business should pay on the 1st of each month (no later than the 10th).




3. Market Saturation and Advertising: As area Market Share increases, the Business Cost for the Advertising will “NOT” increase for 18 months. At the mentioned period, renegotiated terms will commence.




4. Cancellation Terms: Either party (Business Advertiser or ZeroKar.com) can cancel and sever the Advertising and Promotion Agreement for any reason with a 30 day written notice. Both Parties will hold the other harmless and free of any costs as being paid in full for slot at time of severance.




5. Payment Schedule: Payments are made in advance. Payments can be made yearly, semi-annually, quarterly or by month.



6. Payment Method: Payments shall be paid through your Bank by monthly transfer, Bill Pay feature, or by auto direct deposit. If you have the Square device issued by ZeroKar, you can deposit your payment by swiping directly into the ZeroKar account.


Thank You and Welcome as a SUPPORTER.

                                I Welcome You Whole Heartedly, Michael Hargett CEO. 

                                      To Ensure All Which Can Be Done Will Be Done

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