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       Investment - Investors

                                              Acknowledgement in Investment Security

" " IP " 3 Provisional Patents - 14 Utility Patents Filed, beginning 1/21/2006 and last filing 6/ 14/2012                                                                  Documentation reachs back to 1993

As for Investment and for Investors, it is for your protection I have taken into consideration the time and care to protect all aspects of the transactions we enter into. It has been established, a plan in Estate and Will in regards to me and my Inventions, Patents, Patent Filing's, All Documents, Logo's, Companies, Business Concerns encompassing all business, mainly directed towards ZeroKar LP, that upon my failure and life being absent in all these aforementioned, have granted to ( 7 ) National World known Organizations the control of my Involvement to secure our Mission, our Business in which it is assured to continue in perpetuity forever. This secures any and all Investment from Investors, their funding and support. Their Investment is regarded at a high level, this level requires a high level of protection. The protection insures that all will continue with or without my involovement. 

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