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Press Release

Released: 3-25-13

Oregon Based Group Develops...The Vehicle of the 21st Century

Began January 21st 2006 as "The Zero Project" (7) Plus Years  

ZeroKar Presents a the Zero Kar, a Revolutionary Low Emission, Self-Recharging, Electric Concept Vehicle with the applied patent process, the BARP aka "Battery Alternating Recharging Process". This is a vehicle, that can be driven indefinitely on its own electric system, never needing to plug in . However, Zero Kar has opted to include the rapid-charge or slow-charge plug-in feature as an additional back-up system. In Spring 2010, Zero Kar Team finished the Zero Kar Electric Concept Vehicle.

The Zero Project original team was established in January 2006. The team is an Oregon-based group, comprised of avant-garde young scientists who passionately want to make a difference. Team Zero Project, was the brainchild assembled by a visionary and self-described Garage Inventor Michael Hargett. After 20 years of independent research, Team Zero Project, under the directorship of Mr. Hargett has developed a vehicle that is a radical departure from any other ever devised of its genre. The Zero Kar with its applied patent process known as BARP derives its primary source of power from its batteries and also recharges them as it is being driven.

It has its on onboard genset powered with familiar unleaded gasoline. But most importantly, the Zero Kar does so by operating uniquely by self-charging while it is being driven. There is no plugging this vehicle into an external power source when it is idle, it can be driven on a moment’s notice. The ZeroKar can go from 0 MPH to 60 mph in a very snappy 13.0 seconds, it presently gets a cool 131.3 mpg, and it can be driven continuously for an unprecedented 656.5 miles, on a 5 gallon tank before needing any refueling. This is roughly twice what a normal gasoline vehicles range is. The BARP process extends oil reserves world wide to 5 times longer before their estimated depletion time, allowing the sale of oil well into the future as a benefit simultaneously slashing carbon emissions.

With the Zero Kar the ZeroKar company has made a commitment, to making a difference by being pro-active and solution oriented.                                                           

This invention alleviates some key issues which constantly need our consideration with regards to transportation: namely, the environment, the economy, affordability, practicability and viability.

ZeroKar contends that the fossil-fuel internal combustion engines have a cumulative destructive anthropocentric impact on the environment through the voluminous levels of carbon emissions that they discharge into the atmosphere.

The Zero Kar, with the applied patent process (BARP) is an extremely environmentally-friendly vehicle. It is part of the solution to maintaining a healthy biophysical environment, not part of the problem, as historically the conventional automobile has been. At present, it operates by using a combination of bio-synthetic fuels along with standard unleaded gas. Zero Kar made the decision to use standard unleaded gas, as opposed to the other fuel options simply because the infrastructure for the distribution of unleaded gas is readily available, it is pervasive, user friendly and it is user accepted. The Zero Kar has the option of flexibly running on natural gas, propane gas, bio-diesels and a myriad of other fuels.

Zero Kar envisions that at the end of the transition period, their vehicle will require only bio-synthetic fuels to operate, and therefore will discharge ZERO EMISSIONS. The bio-synthetic fuels, [such as natural gas] that the Zero Kar does utilize are plentiful, they are cheap, they are easy to access, and they are all naturally occurring within our own borders. The bio-synthetic fuels will be combined with hydrogen to operate the Zero Kar: The Vehicle Of The 21st Century.

The ZeroKar, and its scant use of fossil-fuel, will be instrumental in moving the USA towards energy self-sufficiency by drastically reducing the need for oil. The manufacturing of the vehicle will usher in a new generation of automotive development in America. Since the ZeroKar can be manufactured using existing infrastructure and an existing labor force it will be a cost effective vehicle to produce. The manufacturing will create jobs in an industry that has been decimated by the economy, thereby expanding the tax base for city, state and federal governments alike.

Zero Kar vows to deliver a vehicle that is affordable for everyone. This affordability is assured by a cost-effective manufacturing process. The ZeroKar collectively, either through re-building or through part replacement, may have a life expectancy of 30 years. This translates into big savings for drivers. The recommended yearly maintenance schedule costs substantially less than its counterpart fossil fuel vehicle.

Zero Kar has many applied uses making it highly practical and versatile. It can be can be used as an emergency power source.  It can be driven to any remote disaster area and used as powerful generator.  This includes, but is not limited to, being able to fully power a home in times of power outages. In fact the Zero Kar can generate enough voltage to fully power nine averaged sized homes indefinitely in a time of need, provided it is kept fueled, of course.

The revolutionary Zero Kar can be retrofitted into any type of already-existing vehicle, thereby extending the life of the vehicle, along with effecting immediate fuel savings for the owner. This means that Americans can once again enjoy driving comfortably-sized cars without concern for costly fuel consumption. Further, the Zero Kar can be applied to tractor trailer long haul trucks, RV’s, School busses, city busses, delivery vehicles, taxis, ocean liners, cargo ships, trains, farm vehicles, etc.  The list seems endless and is highly indicative that with the proliferation of this Applied Patent Process (BARP), America is on the brink of a positive and radical transmutation of its transportation industry.

Zero Kar's ultimate goal is to innovate and positively alter the automotive industry of the future, with a product of sheer technological excellence.

The Zero Kar presently holds 14 formal utility patent filing's with 5 pending, 3 provisional patents, all with a 20 years of documentation.

For the Zero Kar director and owner/inventor Michael Hargett, this project has been the culmination of a life-long dream. When asked, he will reply that the spirit within which he operated and his motivation has always been, “For God, for these United States of America, for family, and for World Peace.”

Zero Kar will officially launch its Electric Concept Vehicle, the Zero Kar, in the Summer 2013. The Zero Kar has been developed with the American people in mind. Therefore, part of the official launch the Zero Kar will be presented directly to the people of America.  ZeroKar is very much the vehicle of the 21st century. It is the evolution of the Electric Concept Vehicle by marrying gasoline and electricity like never before. This is a self recharging vehicle.

My Thanks;

To all who have given their time, their money and effort in achieving the successful creation of the Zero Kar Electric Concept Vehicle.


Michael Hargett