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ZeroKar Mobile Merchant Device "The Square"

Sign Up Below.  It is simple. Click, Print and Fax the list of Forms below.

All you need is one Smart phone and a Square and you are Self Employed


1) To obtain your ZeroKar Mobile Merchant Device "The Square", click Registration Form and click submit when finished.  Your Square will come with instructions and will have a support system in place to help you familiarize yourself with the Square.  Once activated, you should be ready to start your new sales venture with ZeroKar.  You may also call 888-952-9500 or 503-990-2563.

Chase Bank is working with ZeroKar.  All funds from Square or internet purchases will go directly to ZeroKar's account.  You will then communicate directly with Chase with the information necessary for you to receive your commissions; i.e., direct deposit into your bank, or by mail.